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Mi, 15/11/2023

Marmite is a company that is constantly evolving, innovative, and modern. However, to stay current, it doesn’t limit itself to creating innovative designs or introducing new production technologies. Respect, partnership, focus on human and environmental needs have become the foundation of the brand’s development and communication strategy. We discuss this with Marcin Sędziak, Product and Marketing Director of Marmite.

– What does innovation mean to Marmite?

I think the concept of innovation has undergone modifications and changes over the past few years. We no longer associate innovation solely with industry revolutions. Instead, we think about how to do something new in the context of our relationships with customers, our markets, and our technology – to ensure that the products we manufacture meet the needs of our customers. We are a B2B company, so we work with industry experts. They rely on us quite heavily when it comes to knowledge about trends and what can be done using our technology.
On the other hand, we understand innovation as responding to the needs of the end customer, the bathroom user. In this aspect, the ability to reconcile new aesthetics – what is happening in the context of design – with the ergonomics and functionality of the product itself is important.

– And, as I understand it, this isn’t always easy?

Exactly. Let’s take a product like a bathtub, for example. We have a finite number of forms that can be designed when it comes to this product category – assuming, of course, we don’t want to create strange products. We wouldn’t want to offer customers something that may be unusual but neither looks good nor is functional. We also don’t invent new functions for a bathtub. We seek innovation in combining design with ergonomics, in utilizing our technologies. We improve the material so that we can use it to achieve a variety of shapes or colours, to create pieces that are both beautiful and comfortable. Ones that are pleasing to the eye when we look at them and provide a true oasis of relaxation when we use them.
We dedicate a lot of time and energy to learning as much as possible about ergonomics. We draw from scientific knowledge and best practices. We design our products to be genuinely comfortable and enjoyable to use, providing different, better experiences compared to equipment made from traditional materials. But this distinctiveness shouldn’t arise from eccentricity. It should be simple, natural, and close to us – to people.

– Naturalness, authenticity, and honesty are qualities that are particularly important today.

Yes, we also strongly emphasize these qualities. They are very important to us, both in our relationships with customers. We operate in a way that makes them feel safe with us, want to collaborate, and continue the cooperation. Marmite is a large and highly specialized company – we have teams of designers, technologists, engineers, salespeople, trainers, and coaches. On the one hand, we act as experts who advise the customer. On the other hand, we are a partner whom you can trust, for example, when working on new projects that are extremely important from the perspective of a particular brand. It happens that companies build their entire strategies or a significant part of them on products or series developed with us.

– So, trust is the foundation of Marmite’s relationship with its customers?

Absolutely. Whether working with smaller brands or large corporations for which we are a supplier, trust is crucial. First and foremost, there needs to be confidence that we can provide them with a product that will succeed. We take on that responsibility by sharing our knowledge and experience gained from working with many brands in various markets. Second, we guarantee our customers that we can produce this product in a specified quantity and deliver it on time. Partnerships and trust are also particularly important when things don’t go as planned. For example, when market turbulence arises due to a crisis, supply chain issues occur, or there are product complaints. That’s when the speed of response and the ability to jointly solve the problem become paramount – even when external factors are causing the issues. In such situations, we strive to work together and provide possible solutions to our customers. This is not a common practice in the market, and our customers greatly appreciate it.

– You work with B2B clients, but ultimately, your products are used by bathroom users. How do you take care of their needs?

We closely monitor what’s happening in the bathroom world, how the needs of our product users are evolving. We strive to be as close to the end user as possible at various stages, not just during the design phase. For example, we take care of our products on display. In doing so, we assist our clients in reaching the end user. We also equip our clients and their salespeople with knowledge that can be passed on. We provide training on how to use a particular product, how to install it, clean it, and what to do in case of damage. We want it to reach its destination in the best possible condition, and for the user to be satisfied with the purchase and confident they made the right choice.

– Modern business values both interpersonal relationships and care for the environment. Is Marmite environmentally friendly?

Marmite originated in Scandinavia and concern for nature is encoded in our DNA. It manifests in various aspects of our operations. Both our production process and the lifecycle of our products are designed with the environment in mind. For many years, we have been producing in an eco-friendly manner. We use closed-loop water systems to purify water from chemicals and reuse it. We do not consume vast amounts of energy. Additionally, since 2022, we have been using electricity that comes entirely from renewable sources. We are continuously improving our packaging as well, aiming for them to be as natural as possible. We have eliminated virtually all plastic components, opting for paper and cardboard, mostly from recycled sources. We are also working on new pallets that will be made from cardboard.

– And the product itself – in what ways is it environmentally friendly?

The product is primarily made from natural material, namely dolomite rock, whose extraction has minimal environmental impact. It is bound together with resin, and we are increasingly using recycled materials in its production. We are also constantly working on recycling our products. Soon, we will be publishing our environmental declaration, which will be widely accessible, allowing everyone to see how our production process, raw material usage, and logistics affect the environment. We already know that Marmite products have a significantly smaller environmental footprint compared to, for example, ceramic sanitary ware.

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